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I’m just so sad today and every time someone asks me about how I’m feeling I just want to start crying :(

I’m never going to forget her. She was such a brave woman. This was just her time. Now, every year, we can celebrate that she came into the world, did so much good, and think back to all the great things she accomplished, all the smiles she caused, and appreciate the beautiful families she gave us all. 

We all love you, Mémère <3 Rest well.

This is so shit. I feel so many different feelings right now and I just don’t know what to do :/ I’m happy because my semester’s coming to a close, excited that my group was picked in the top of our year to go onto the next round with the other top teams, but at the same time there’s this anxiety about getting all my portfolio work finished and executed on time, and an overwhelming sadness because my grandmother was brought to emergency this morning, and I’m worrying about my brother. 

Part of me just wants someone here so I can just snuggle into them and cry and talk and get everything out to SOMEONE, but the other part just wants to be left alone and not tell anyone what’s going on. 

One weekend in the near future, I am going to go and get my arrow tattoo, but I want so many that only getting one is almost as bad as not getting any

Just once, I would like to be the pretty friend ..