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Sometimes I wish I still ran my old blog so that I could post inappropriate things .. 

Sitting in Starbucks with my friend (ifweknewthefuture), and there’s this group of women right next to us. They have been getting checked out by four guys around us basically since they arrived. They just asked me to take a photo of them. I just made all the boys jealous.

I forget who I was talking to, but I was telling someone that it was super weird that this guy I was with last weekend seemed to know exactly what I liked in bed, and she made a comment about how maybe he remembered my tumblr url, creeped me, and that’s how he knew, and now I’m so paranoid that people who work out at my work know my fucking url and consequently know what I like in bed .. 

Things that are on my mind right now
  1. I’m really happy I only have class at noon tomorrow, and there’s no course work due. 
  2. Every time tonight that I have decided to go take a shower, something happened that I couldn’t go at that moment. 
  3. I’m kinda looking forward to going to work on Saturday. Volleyball game should be fun. 
  4. I wish True Blood was on my Netflix - stupid Canada. 
  5. But I actually love that I’m not American. 
  6. I should stop watching Mad Men and put on a movie or something .. 
  7. Maybe I’ll just shower in the morning for once .. 
  8. I hope that girl who asked me to make her a bracelet likes it .. 

After all this time on Tumblr, I have finally changed my theme :) 

Just a thought, but it would be really nice if you stopped talking long enough to let me finish my sentence. Or to start one. That’d be pretty cool of you.

My father and I went to the gym bright and early today, and I wore yoga pants and a sweater, and he was wearing his shorts and a t-shirt. He made fun of me and I said its because I’m so cold, and he just looked at me an said “yeah, me too! Look!” And pointed at his nipples showing through his shirt. My god I love this man haha

I have a sore throat, and in a sweet attempt to make me feel better, my - mostly - delightful roommate offered me her cough drops that supposedly work magic. Except I’m on the second one, and both times all they’ve done is make my tongue go numb. Or whichever part of my mouth this candy touches. Starting to consider poison.