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Bitching about my house/housemates

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ugh, hating this. I feel sorta ill, but I’ve got plans with two of my favourite boys in about 40 mins, and I have to change and walk over, but blaaah, I do not feel well :/

Fuuuck why can’t I stop myself from crying :(

It wouldn’t be home without a moody mother.

God damn, every time I come home, it’s nice for a little - sometimes very brief moment - and then my mom goes and gets her panties in a bunch and gets all pissed off for nothing. I only stayed because my father wanted me to, and because I’ve barely seen him while I’ve been back. Now I’m wishing I was on that 3 o’clock train out of here. I could have spent a nice night with the guy I’m dating, fallen asleep with him, and had an actually good time. Instead, I’m stuck here until 5am, at which point I get to do a 5h drive, and then take about 2 and a half hours of public transit to get back to my place. Fuck this shit. I just want everyone to layoff for a while. 

I have an 8 am class. So, logically, I go to bed at 2 am …